Potato and pistachio salad


I'm not usually a fan of potato salad, but this recipe loses the mayo and takes on a garlicky, mustardy, herby butter instead. Trust, you won't look back. 

INGREDIENTS (serves 4) 
500g British new potatoes
3 cloves of garlic
Large handful of dill
Large handful of flat leaf parsley
1 tbsp wholegrain mustard
50g salted butter
100g British broad beans (shelled)
50g pistachios (shelled) 
50g parmesan

First off you need to roast the garlic cloves to give them a sweeter flavour. Wrap them together in a small amount of tin foil and roast in a 180 degree fan oven for about 20 minutes. Whilst they are roasting, halve the larger new potatoes and leave the smaller ones whole before boiling them in salted water for about 12 minutes. Whilst they are cooking chop the dill and parsley leaves so they are nice and fine. 

Whilst the potatoes and garlic are cooking, it's time to prep the broad beans. Blanch them in their skins for 2 minutes in boiling water then remove from the heat. Drain and rinse them in cold water through a sieve so they aren't too hot when you're peeling them. Shell the beans individually with your hands. It can be a bit fiddly but it's worth it just to not eat the skins of the beans as they can be quite tough and bitter. 

Once the potatoes are cooked, drain them and put them back into the pan. To make the garlicky butter, remove the garlic cloves from the oven and take their newly soft flesh out of their skins. The skins should come away pretty easily. Add the soft garlic cloves to the butter, along with the mustard and finely chopped herbs. Give it a good mix and add plenty of salt and pepper, then add it to the potatoes. Top them with 50g of grated parmesan, the whole shelled pistachios and the broad beans.