venison burger


Make the most of the cheaper cuts of deer with these succulent gamey venison burgers.

INGREDIENTS (For 4 people)
450g wild venison minced meat
2 garlic cloves 
1/2 a small white onion 
2 tsp tomato puree
1 tsp redcurrant jelly
1 tsp ketchup 
1 egg
4 sprigs of thyme 
1 tsp dried herb de provence 
2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 heaped tsp plain flour
4 brioche buns

Mayo, lettuce and gherkins to serve

Making your own patties is so much easier than you think, and definitely the best thing to do when you fancy a burger. Start by finely chopping the half onion into little cubes and add to a little saucepan with a teaspoon of olive oil. Place on a medium heat. Crush the cloves of garlic with a garlic crusher and add them to the onions. Gently fry until they are soft and starting to brown. Empty the venison mince into a large glass mixing bowl and add the softened onions and garlic, followed by all the other ingredients (apart from the buns and extras for serving of course).

Mix all the ingredients into the raw meat using your hands, squishing it all together between your fingers for a few minutes. The mixture wants to be quite wet, but not too wet that you can’t shape it into rough patties. If it’s too sloppy then add a little more plain flour. Shape the mince into 4 round patties and place on a board in the fridge for half an hour. This will help them to set.

Once they are set and cooled, take a heavy bottomed frying pan and place on a high heat. Add a small knob of butter (or oil if you prefer) and you’re ready to cook. Fry the patties for 2.5 minutes on each side for a nice juicy pink in the middle texture. If you prefer your burger more well done then leave them in the pan for longer.

Toast your brioche buns, layer them with mayo and lettuce and add the venison patties. Don’t forget to top with gherkins for that extra crunch.