Venison Curry


Cook this beast slowly for a rich, melt in your mouth, curry. Serve with fluffy rice, mango chutney and natural yoghurt.

INGREDIENTS (For 6 people)
600g diced wild venison
3 tbsp. of natural yoghurt
2 tsp. Garam Masala
2 tsp. ground cumin
1 tsp. chilli powder
4 tsp. curry powder
1 tsp. sweet paprika
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
1 white onion
4 cloves of garlic
1 fresh chilli
2 tbsp. soy sauce
400ml can of chopped tomatoes
400ml water
2 tsp. honey

Put the diced venison into a large glass mixing bowl and add the natural yoghurt, followed by all the dry ground spices. Mix everything well with a wooden spoon until all the raw meat is coated in a spicy yoghurty layer. Take a large ovenproof saucepan with a lid (a ceramic one would be best), and place on the hob on a medium heat. Roughly chop the onion and garlic cloves and put in the pan with a tablespoon of olive oil. Fry for a few minutes until the onions have softened. Add the marinated meat and fry it off for a few minutes, turning constantly. Finely chop the fresh chilli and add to the meat, before chucking in the chopped tomatoes, water, soy sauce and honey. Season well with salt and pepper, then stir until everything is combined and pop into a 100 degree C oven for at least 5 hours. Every hour or so, take it out to give it a stir (if it starts to look a little dry then just add a bit more water). After 5-6 hours the meat should just fall apart leaving a dark pink coloured flesh amongst a rich sauce.

Serve on top of fluffy white rice with mango chutney and natural yoghurt.